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History of HIPAF

From 2004 and during 3 years, the town board for information gathered a group of enthusiasts around a project : Publish a book about Fleurey’s history based on articles released since June 1889 in the town newspaper “le Borbeteil” and also based on documents collected through years by Fernand Boiget.


After a lot of further research work, the book “Fleurey-sur-Ouche histoire et patrimoine” was released in November 2007 by an association founded in 2006 for that purpose. The association aim at researching, study and promote all that make the history and heritage of Fleurey-sur-Ouche while contributing to the protection and enhancement of the heritage and also supporting any action linked to the history and heritage of Fleurey.

Our activities

Little by little, work groups are set up around diferent subjects : “sentier des Roches, water, roofs, signs for public houses and buildings, churches, mills, priory, …”.

Each person, according to what they prefer, chose to use pickaxe, pruner, brush cutter or go and spot ruins and remains, share historical information, help for the diferent celebrations and events, take photos, read books, investigate in public records and personal archives, interview the living testimony of the village.

In 2015, there are 5 groups working on : Path construction, canal and mills, genealogy, church signs and new extracurricular activites.